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Mini RGB Cables - Bulk Spool 250 ft. spool - 3 conductor RG-59

Gas-Injected Mini RGB with Bonded Shielding. Now Available in 250 ft. spool.

$750.00 MSRP
inv #125176-00


Monster Biggie Long Length Speaker Cable Spools 15 m. spool - 50 ft. - 14 gauge

All the Cable You'll Need for Home Theater or Long Speaker Runs in One Package

$49.95 MSRP
inv #126747-00


Monster Standard S-16 Speaker Cable Bulk Spool 16 Gauge - 150 m. spool - 16 gauge

Multi-purpose speaker cable for hookup of standard audio systems. Monster Standard offers Monster quality and performance at an affordable price.

$0.98 MSRP
inv #126937-00


CI Mini Coax Cables - Bulk Spool 250 ft. spool - Blue

$0.75 MSRP
inv #123727-00


Monster 200 Remote Turn-On Cable 1000 ft. spool Remote wire

High performance amplifier and accessory turn on cable with high-purity copper stranding and Duraflex protective jacket.

$0.20 MSRP
inv #121080-00


Monster Standard Speaker Cable 500 ft. spool - 12 gauge

Multi-purpose speaker cable for hookup of standard audio systems. Monster Standard offers Monster quality and performance at an affordable price.

$500.00 MSRP
inv #101620-00


Monster XPHP Clear Jacket - Advanced Speaker Cable Spool 100 m. spool - 328 ft. - 14 gauge

High performance, compact speaker cable for connecting high-resolution loudspeakers to audio/video and home theater systems. Unlike other cables of this size and price, Monster XPHP features Time Correct windings for the most accurate possible signal tran

$3.28 MSRP
inv #126914-00


Monster Cable Clear Jacket Speaker Cable Bulk Spool 50 m. spool - 164 ft. - 12 gauge

Highest performance speaker cable for connecting speakers to audiophile stereo and home theatre systems. New Monster Cable's large gauge design and Time Correct windings maximize signal transfer while revealing precise detail, making it perfect for

$4.92 MSRP
inv #126916-00


M1 2s Speaker Cable 250 ft. spool - 76.2 m. - 11 gauge

Advanced M Series Speaker technologies make M1.2s a top performer for audiophile stereo and home theater.

$1500.00 MSRP
inv #130933-00


ISAT Reference Highest Performance RG-6 Direct Burial Digital Satellite Cable 500 ft. spool - 152.4 m.

This high quality speaker, RF/Video, and DSS Satellite cable has a jacket that is approved for direct burial. The special nitrogen injected dielectric allows for the fastest signal propagation, with solid copper construction for maximum signal transfer

$450.00 MSRP
inv #101755-00


ISAT 200 Direct Burial High Performance RG-6 Digital Satellite Cable 500 ft. spool - 152.4 m.

The first critical connection is made from the satellite dish to receiver with ISAT Reference advanced, low-loss digital satellite cable. Its heavy-duty, direct burial UV-resistant cable jacket withstands all types of weather conditions for the

$550.00 MSRP
inv #101756-00


Z200 Series CL-Rated Bulk Composite Video Cable 250 ft. spool Composite Video Cable

High-performance bluk composite video cable with Nitrogen-injected dielectric and pure copper conductors for optimized video picture quality. Includes two QuickLock RCA Connectors.

$750.00 MSRP
inv #123605-00


Monster Video Twin Lead Quad-Shielded High-Resolution RG6 UL Approved Video Cable 500 ft. spool

Monster Video Twin Lead, Quad-Shielded, High-Resolution RG6-UL Approved Video Cable designed for dual cable TV systems. Best quality 75 for RF CATV broadcast TV installations. High-purity, 100% OFC copper center conductor and low-loss dielectrics for

$1250.00 MSRP
inv #100698-00


Monster Standard SV-RG6 Double Shielded High-Resolution RG6-UL Approved Video Cable 500 ft. spool - 152 m.

Monster Standard SV-RG6 Double Shielded, High-Resolution RG6-UL Approved video cable for high performance RF CATV broadcast TV installations when used with BNC or RCA connectors. This is an economical "in-wall" custom installation cable.

$650.00 MSRP
inv #101752-00


Monster 402 XLN XTREME Subwoofer Speaker Cable 2-Conductor 250 ft. Spool - 76.2 m.

Finally an ultimate performance car audio speaker cable made specifically for use with subwoofers. Monster exclusive QuadraPole solid core construction has instant and continuous heavy duty power transfer for bass thats deep, dynamic and loud.

$1.75 MSRP
inv #121043-00


MCX-1s High Performance Speaker Cable 30 ft. spool - 9.14 meters - 14 gaug

Maximum Digital Signal Transfer MCX-1s is an ultra-flexible high performance speaker cable for high-end stereo and home theater systems.

$60.00 MSRP
inv #127711-00